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My Mag Bay Trip – 2016

Whoa, I’m off to Baja again!

It’s been four years since my last trip. This summer I invited myself on a trip with some guys I’ve never met. It was last minute, but it worked! I’m looking forward to meeting these fools at the airport this Saturday, August 27th, 2016.

We are headed to to Mag Bay, Baja Sur. The surf forecast is 3-4 ft for the first part of the week and 2-3 ft for the latter half.

My goal is to get to the front of my board, a hang 5 and if I’m lucky, a hang 10. I also want to kill some kind of animal and eat it. Hopefully a 4 lb lobster!

We will be on an island with no running water or electricity. In fact, counting the guides, we will be the only 15 people on the island! It’s totally uninhabited.

But I hear there may be some wifi available at times. If so, I’ll keep the posts updated.

Now it’s back to packing. I leave in less than 15 hours.

Aloha Amigo’s y Amiga’s




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New Journey

Well a year ago I was getting ready for an adventure in Baja. Chasing waves along the Baja coast.
I still love the feel of paddling out for some surf. But a new adventure awaits.

Just off a 3rd place in the Rainville Cup at the Candlewood CC and a tournament win for the Adlinx Club at El Dorado GC, I am looking for new adventure in the golfing world. I made the jump and signed up to compete in the Golf Channel Amatuer Tour.

First event on my calender is this coming Sunday in Ventura.

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There have been comments on MN. Who is this MN?
We are all destined to find our own MN. Some find it in religion, family, work, civic involvement, charity or wherever.

I’ve found MN is the provider of so much beauty, the base of love, learning and experience. Lift a rock and She is there, feel the wind and She is present. All around us Her presence is felt, She nourishes our life, our souls, our mind. She fuels love and tempers hate.

I implore you to find your MN, follow and embrace her essence and be thankful for the life She will bestow on you when you accept her vastness. I encourage to view the positive and learn from the negative. I made reference to MN on this trip because so many times She showed me herself to me, inviting me in to her fold and giving me the knowledge to allow myself to accept Her, embrace Her and share Her.

Her overwhelming power, strength and love is available to all of us each and everyday of our life. Go out and seek her adventure, share it with those around you, accept Her and all Her offerings. Never say never and always be open, open to yourself and to those close to you. Hold and cherish life because if you are reading this, then you have so much opportunity to see and experience Her wonders.

I’ve had a great trip and I thank all those who were part of it, even if only by this blog. Thanks to driver and surfer Pat, thanks to nice guy and surfer Henry. Thanks to all my friends and fellow surfers. Thanks to my family and support group. To my ‘guys and crew’ you know who you are.

And thanks to MN for providing a great trip with wonderful surprises, beyond what I had ever seen before, you’re the best.

Gracias Mother Nature.

Aloha amigos ….

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California Trailer Park

I made reference to this place earlier, California Trailer Park. We stopped by on our way home. Pinkie was not around, but his brother Javier was. I really enjoyed seeing an old friend. I had some good times with Javier. I also had some crazy times with his brother Pinky. It was nice to say hello to Olga, the Mom as well.

Dad, you have to know Javier and his daughter remember you and Mom so fondly!
She talked of when she was a child and played in front of your trailer and Mom would give her snacks.

She actually remembered me when I walked into the office!

Here I am with Javier, his daughter Marcelas and her two sons.
I gave her oldest son one of my surfboards I had taken on the trip.


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Last Day

We wake up at Shipwrecks, the water is glassy but tide is a little high. So we prepare coffee and enjoy the same organic brew we have had the entire trip. It is a morning ritual we have all come to relish each day. We wait for the tide to drop as we scan the line up and sip the tasty brew.

Tide has dropped and the time has come, so we all suit up. The three amigos paddle out, the only surfers in the water for miles. For the next few hours we enjoy more fun waves than seems fair. Ride after ride we smile, laugh and enjoy the water and friendship.

Has much as I would have loved that scenario to happen, it wasn’t meant to be. The three of us did have a great cup of coffee and we did watch the line up and there wasn’t anyone around, but there were also no waves as well. The Capitan, First Mate and Rookie all struck out.

We all silently knew the trip was at it’s end. We read, took a walk (or two), ate lunch and drifted off into our own zone, knowing what lay ahead. Finally the silence was broken and we declared it time to pack up. As simple as that, the last day was at hand. Silently we loaded, then headed for home base.

Before leaving we did get this fitting picture.


Yes, we were at Shipwrecks.


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Who is that strange fellow? Recognize me Alexis? It’s Nino!


This for you Beth.


We slept under this thing! We calculate it to be over 300 feet and close to 150 years old.


Hmmm good, morning cafe


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Nine Palms

Here am I am comparing tans with Link from Del Mar. He wins the tan contest, but the 100 pesos in his hand our mine. i won it from him in a bet on Game Seven of the Mia/Bos series. He only wins the tan contest because he has been posted up in Baja for over 7 weeks.


We stop to do some skin diving. Here we are after getting out of the water.



We stop at a resort to check it out, just south of Loreto. He is my Bud from Juacalito.


Inside the resort I make a new friend, she loves us, that is until we don’t spend any money, then she wants nothing to do with us. Women, go figure.


Pat and Henry, resort living.


A really neat church in El Triunfena, of course I have my dress shirt on.


This was across the street from the church, I thought it was cool.


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Travel Day

I slept where the bedroll is. Yes under the stars, while my mates got the beds in the van.


We ate at this little place for breakfast, it was great. We were on our way to Loretto.



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Once Dia

Interesting day. I got a morning session in with just Henry and I in the water. Then we packed up to leave, drove 300 yards and decided to stop and surf Tibburon’s, just down the beach from Nine Palms. I then got to surf with just Pat and I in the water. Interesting morning for sure. Pat had a few really fun waves and we were glad we stopped before motoring on.

Here we are at the Crossroads cafe, where we can look down the beach to Punta Perfecta.
We took a few pics of the sand castle on the patio area at the cafe. There is photo of Punta Perfecta. Henry of course picked a shirt to match the table and chairs perfectly. So, he ordered a couple of beers to celebrate




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Day Ten

We left the bay. We had our fill. The waves came and went. I feel so fortunate I grabbed my slice of the pie. Breakfast at El Burro was great. On the road we drove through La Paz and on down to Santo Tomas. We hooked into a great little place to to stay. Francesca runs the place and and set us up. She is from Sd. Some nights I really miss Sd. Anyway she set us up on the best eat joint around. The beers and margaritas were just too good and I got my first real drunk on!

Here is my casita for the night. After a week in a tent, I get a room. Francesca is the cool local vibe


Here we are at Cerritos Beach. My buddy John would appreciate the sign! Hey are you out of the closet yet?


We had dinner here, the margarita’s are killer, I really mean killer.


Breakfast at El Burro, San Juanico


We bought beer, water and ice here, but it looks like you could get a room here if you ever come down to San Jaunico!


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